Pastoral Staff

Pastor Paul  

Rev. Paul Rivera - Senior Pastor

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Pastor Tom  

Rev. Tom Neal - Executive Pastor

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Ron Whetzel  

Ron Whetzel- Deacon

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Jeremy Neal  

Jeremy Neal - Timothy Program

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Carlus Breland

Carlus Breland - Timothy Progam

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Church Staff & Board of Directors

Church Staff

Board of Directors

Church/Joy Town Director Admin: Mrs. Toni Hickey
Director Church Operations: Vacant
Director Church Education: Mrs. Heather Rivera
Director Church Ministry Services: Rev.Tom Neal
Webmaster: Rev. Tom Neal
Director Church IT: Vacant

Corporate President: Rev. Paul Rivera
Corporate Vice President: Rev. Tom Neal
Corporate Treasurer: Vacant
Corporate Scribe Ms. Jeannie Whetzel
Corporate Director: Carlus Breland
Corporate Director: Ron Whetzel
Administrative Assitant: Ms. Toni Hickey